I’m seeing a blue box of familiar Kraft Mac & Cheese size, I’m seeing a fairly familiar font, I see a big picture of Mac & Cheese, and the instructions look pretty similar to Kraft Mac & Cheese so I’ve FINALLY managed to find Kraft Mac & Cheese over here, right?


No, it’s Grace Macaroni and Cheese and as an unashamed fan of Kraft Mac products I’m interested to see how this holds up? Want to find out, read on!

Well hey, first of all lets get this out the way, there’s actual elbow macaroni in this! That outdoes Kraft straight away! Cool!

And the macaroni only takes 8 minutes to cook. Apparently. I found It was more like fourteen minutes and my gosh there was a lot of strarch left in that water once I was finished! Yikes!

Anyways, starch aside at this point the instructions get very similar to Kraft Mac & Cheese with the additional ingredients and quantities used but with one all mighty difference and that’s the STINK coming from the sachet of cheese powder! It is super harsh on my sense of smell. But hey, what do you think Judgement Bear?

Oh heck is wiffs so bad. I mean, I thought maybe it’s just the sachet as you cook it and serve it up that smell is still there. And it’s hard to describe but I would guess….. stale? A real strong stale like smell. And hey, the pack was well within it’s expiry date and I realised at this point that I’ve had this before and somehow managed to forget HOW MUCH IT STINKS! I seriously can’t get past that (and I fear the smell may have rotted my memory).

Well, it turns out I was able to get past the smell. You see, the actual sauce is plentiful and coats the mac. Added it has a real cheesey, buttery taste to it but man, you really need to ensure you don’t breathe in as you eat (sorry, I really can’t express enough how bad the smell is).

But yeah, it looks good, has a decent colour and even clumbs together like a filthy old school Mac & Cheese! Lookit!

So it feels kinda authentic and tastes good but, as I’ve been very clear, IT STINKS.

It’s a tough one as I didn’t hate it but that was only once I learned to contact my breathing. So I’m really sitting on the fence with this one and going to give it a (possibly too generous);

Seriously, get yourself a clothes peg (whooooo?) for your nose and you’ll be fine.

You can find out more about Grace products on their website (and good news, the site doesn’t stink)