So Upton Naturals is a Chicago based company that offers a range of vegan foods and one of them foods is Mac & Cheese!

And how it is? Well, what do you think Judgement Bear?

So straight off, let’s discuss the food prep for this! You have two sachets; one has the already cooked elbow (yay!) macaroni and the other has the sauce. Just add both to a pan and heat away while giving it a wee stir to ensure you coat the macaroni with the sauce and you’re done! (I believe you can use a microwave for this too but as we lack a microwave I might have ignored those instructions!) 

And seriously, even without a microwave it only takes several minutes to prepare although it is advised that you can leave it for a little more (like I did) if you want it crispy (although it’s super hard to hold out those few extra minutes as the smell coming from the pan is soooooo good)!

Man, I really do love that there’s an option on how you want the texture of your mac and how easy it is to do!

But the prep is that easy and you might think that this means the actual meal won’t be that great but no! There’s a really great bite to the macaroni no matter if you cook it for the normal length of time or just that bit more!

And the flavour of the sauce? Well, there’s a strong nutritional yeast thing going on here but it’s backed up with a nice level of warmth from the spices. Nothing too strong, just enough that it feels like my belly is getting a big hug with every bite I take!

As you can see in the picture the sauce isn’t that creamy and certainly has no stretch to it but on the positive there is enough to cover the macaroni (and hey, IT PROPERLY COVERS THE MACARONI) so overall that’s a win for me!

And man, for such a tasty and easy to make meal that really gives you the feels of a great comfort food I give this a strong

Why only four macaronis? Man, I just want that wee bit more mac in a serving! Is that wrong?!?*

If you want to learn more about Upton Naturals check out their site but be warned, although some of their products are available here in the UK this sadly isn’t one of them! Whyyyyyyyyyy?

(Nor is the Mac & Cheese with Seitan! Boooooo!)

But hey, if you can get your hands on this and you’re vegan, veggie or a meat eater I would TOTALLY advise you to check it out (and for extra wrongness why not add some (vegan?) hot dogs!) 

*No. No it isn’t.