So to be honest I’ve been thinking of branching out in to doing store bought Mac & Cheese reviews for a while but with what’s going on now in the world this seemed like the IDEAL time to do this! But hey, where to start? 

Well, after a couple of purchases and a lot of  ip-dip(ing) I decided that Charlie Bigham’s Macaroni and Cheese with Crispy Pancetta would be the inaugural meal of choice for my home Mac & Cheese reviews! But, was it a worthy choice? Read on!

Straight off the bat, I love the packaging on this! Especially as you cook the meal in the casing! I mean, that’s just going to look good when it comes out the oven, right? What do you think Judgement Bear?

I am so happy that I didn’t burn it! Now hey, I follow he instructions on a pre-made meal but still my oven likes to go and overcook it but not this time! I do like that you’re told to cook it for 30 minutes (none of this 25 – 30 minutes malarkey. No! 30 minutes on the dot!) And hey, it looked good!!!

But how did it taste? Well, it tasted amazing! Really strong cheese flavours and I’m not just talking just some cheddar-y taste either! Noooooo, this is a grown-up’s dish with some real grown-up deep flavours! And the stretch from that cheese as you helped yourself to a bite? Wow!

Now don’t let the picture full you! I was able to extend my fork for a good 20 centimetres away from the plate and that cheese kept on stretching! And I would have expected that as the cheese cooled that the stretch would stop but it didn’t let up which got me having to navigate bite after bite of stretchy cheesey mac goodness in to my beardy mouth hole the entire meal! (Fun!)

Oh! And let’s not forget the toppings! The Pancetta had such an awesome salty meat flavour to it that it absolutely complimented the dish and the crouton like crumb topping just melted away in your mouth!

There was one issue though and that was the macaroni with it’s stupid long dangly tube shapes. It’s not just that it wasn’t elbow macaroni (hey, it’s my thing) but it felt a bit unwieldy in this lovely wee punnet of gorgeousness. 

But that’s a small thing for a meal that proved to be more enjoyable and delicious than many a Mac I’ve had in restaurants and although it’s a bit more expensive than other Mac choices you should find that it’s absolutely worth every penny and for that I’m giving this a mighty

Charlie Bigham’s range looks to only be available in the UK just now and you can find out more at their website or through their various social media platforms.