So with the current threat of Covid-19 and restaurants and eateries closing here in the UK it’s made my life that bit harder in getting my hands on Mac & Cheese to review (not a complaint in any way I assure you! There’s SO much bad stuff going on that not going out for Mac & Cheese is super low on the list of super bad stuff!)

And even though I also had some reviews ready to fire off the last thing I want to do is take a shot at a place that may not even be open right now (and if it is, I want them to do as well as they possibly can under the circumstances).

So what was I to do going forward? Well, I still want to do some reviews so I’ve decided to trying out choices that you can pick up in your store and eat at home! And man, I’m not looking forward to some of the picks I’ve already made but hey, trying to be a professional here! (Can I be a professional Mac & Cheese taster? Is that a thing? Do I just say I’m a professional and that’s it or do I need to prove myself?)

ANYWAYS, going forward for the next while you’re going to see some rather random reviews and I hope they prove helpful!

PS. If I was to prove that I’m a professional Mac & Cheese taster I really hope that just means eating ALL the Mac & Cheese! (That would be awesome.)