Oh man, something occurred to me today and it’s that I’m procrastinating with finishing this book!

I posted yesterday how I’ve started going back and making further changes and I realise that in part I’m procrastinating as I don’t want to get started on a full final page that I want to redo.

And yeah, I’m going in and making changes like this!

But although I’m procrastinating I’m being productive! I mean, I realised that Rizos was holding her staff in the wrong hand so I fixed that and then I realised that she couldn’t then be pointing at Selop if she was holding her staff so I had to fix that.

And yeah, on the next page Rizos is holding the staff in her left hand so it had to get there so why not update/fix the issue now?

So I’m procrastinating but it’s useful procrastination. Is that a thing?

More soon! Bear hugs!