With my bad luck this week (which went on in to this morning) it’s taking me a stupid amount of time to get issue #14 finished and it’s beginning to get a bit tedious!

I’ve already updated the pages and gone through my first run of colouring but now I’m finding there’s panels that really need fixing that I passed on my first update! Like… this!

Like, why did I put a wall on the third left of the screen? Well yes, I just wanted something in the background that wouldn’t take you away from Lloyd’s speach bubble but a wall? And so close up it just looked like a block? And like, there’s not even a wall that close to the characters!

So yeah, things like this are putting me further and further back. 

Especially as originally I put in a bunch of aliens in the background on my first attempt at updating this only to then feel that I’d done that on the previous page so went with a blank background instead.

I need to finish this book before I go crazy!

But yes, wall is gone. And although I’m also hitting a mental wall I’m going to smash through it and get this book done! Dang it!

More updates to follow!!!

Bear hugs!