I know, I know, I’ve talked about these guys before but I had something to add and that’s down to my now colouring them!

You see, I’ve done a bit of an update on all their clothing since last time and when it came to working out what look to give each character I had a bit of a brainwave on one of the looks!

So the stripe/line effect on the clothes was originally how I wanted the Shoal’s skin to look with the lines (but not the colour scheme which would have remained with the pink and purple)!

But although I really liked the design but it proved way too difficult to run across the skin from panel to panel so I had to abandon it. Dang it!

I guess it looks kinda like the skin of a slug, yeah?

But yeah, I was real happy to have thought of adding a wee nod to my early designs in to these two pages!

More soon!

Bear hugs!