No, I don’t mean my ability to get my weekly update out (which is currently two weeks behind by my reckoning) but more how I noticed that I really made no effort with Rizos’ skin colour first time round with issue #14!

What do I mean? Well you see (I figure clearly to cut corners and speed things up) I gave her the same skin colour as Lloyd! I guess because they’re so rarely in the same panel that I wasn’t worried about them blending together.

Anyways, I’ve gone and done a few updates…

On the left is Rizos from when we first saw her in issue #14 and then her updated look on the right.

This all came about when I realised that I had done a highlight around all of Rizos except for got her skin tone wrong (in that I used the highlight should be her regularly lit colour). I figured the the best call (okay, and maybe a bit lazy?) would be to course correct her skin colour throughout the issue rather than the colour of all her clothes.

But the good thing is that this stopped a nagging tickle I had at the back of my mind that something was amiss and yes, that was that I was using the same colour palette for two of the main characters. Whoops.

As a side note, I can’t help but feel that Rizos’ height has been increased since the updates but that’s all down to the extra body to her hair. I don’t know, I kinda find it funny but also cool how big a difference that’s made!

More very soon!

Bear hugs!

PS. Sorry for the lack of updates. I don’t colour a page at a time but rather groups of four or five so it’s been proving difficult to show you any finished work! That shouldn’t be the case going forward for the next few updates as I near the end of issue #14!