It’s Veganuary and The Mac Factory, along with opening up a new store in Putney, has also released a vegan Mac & Cheese!

And hey, I’ve already done a few Mac Factory reviews which have always been positive so I’ve gone and brought along my (much) better half – and 100% vegan – to ensure that this review is 100% impartial!

So straight off the bat, this is a CHEESE SAUCE! Not nutritional yeast, butternut squash, or any other kind of base but actual (vegan) cheese sauce! I don’t know for sure but I’m guessing it’s essentially a block of vegan cheese melted down (and that would sure explain the £8 price tag on this dish) but it surprisingly works! See, when my other half has ever brought home store bought vegan cheese I moan about how much it smells (it does, right?) but that wasn’t the case here!

But hey, maybe down toppings….

The toppings you say? Yup, garlic and wild mushroom with a crumb top and man that garlic will stay with you long after your finished this meal (although your friends may not) I’m telling you, we could smell the garlic as they were putting this dish together and it did not disappoint! So super strong and tasty! 

But I’m jumping ahead of myself here! Let’s get back to that cheese sauce! It sure does a great job in evenly coating that beautifully biteable macaroni – Don’t believe me? Look!

And hey, there’s even a bit to spare at the bottom of the dish (I admit, we could have done with a spoon to get all those last bits of sauce out!). My fair and honest partner did feel that the sauce could do with being that very slightly bit runnier as it was sticking to the roof of their mouth (is it wrong that I didn’t have an issue with that?) but that would be the only negative.

Now here’s the big win on me on top of all the flavour and awesome sauce, IT LOOKS LIKE MAC & CHEESE! I’m a fan of alternatives – especially a sauce using nutritional yeast – but this actually looks like a cheese sauce! Totally! And has that gooey texture to it to that makes me feel guilty but happy at the same time! Sure, it’s purely an aesthetic thing but it’s a big one for me! 

With all that, I’m giving this dish a tasty

The Mac Factory has several stores but at present only their Camden stall and Putney ‘factories’ are running the vegan Mac and you can check out more at The Mac Factory

And hey, even if you’re a veggie or a meat eater I would say it’s worth trying something that bit different this veganuary and give this vegan Mac & Cheese a go! I’m almost a convert!