So I’m still dragging my feet with my new project and not even done anything with it. I don’t know, I’m scared to even start and at this point I’m only doing character sketches to ensure that I’m happy with everyones look! But yeah, it’s freaking me out!

But hey, artist got to art so I’ve been working on updating the cover to issue #14!

Below we’ve got the original, updated and the UPDATED updated cover (which isn’t quite finished!)

So looking back at the original cover Rizos didn’t even look like she did IN the book(!). I made some changes and corrected things here and there but it still didn’t sit well with me. I mean, I get she’s talking to the reader but the cover is lacking any kind of action and looks stiff as!

The new cover has Rizos in an action pose although I’m totally going to have to redo what she says as she’s taking up so much more space – I have some ideas but it’s certainly a work in progress.

The background will be full of knocked out aliens again but this time totally matching characters from within the book and because of that I want to hold off until I’ve finished colouring the book so I can place the right character in the right spot which will then keep all the colour choices I use balanced. I’m not wanting a massive section of just blue aliens for example which will totally skew your view of the page! It’s bordering on some kind of big mathematical question but I’m sure it’ll be fun putting it all together!

More soon! Bear hugs!