I have finally, finally, FINALLY finished updating the pages of issue #14. I say pages as I really want to go and update the cover but all in all, yup, that’s me done!

And this here was my final panel and (yet again) it was adding fingers to one of the lead characters(!)

All in all, not a tough one to do so I was really thankful!

And thinking ahead for what work I’m going to do over the holiday season? Well I’m going to tinker with doing the new cover but I’m really hoping to play around with a completely new concept that I mentioned some time back but never spoke about again (oooh, mystery!). Then in January I’ll come back to doing the colouring for both issues #14 and #15 (which means I actually get to show you full colour panels for a change! Yay!)

And hey, maybe I’ll get back to doing some actual Urp! strips! I’ve really been terrible at keeping up to date with that!

But hey, more soon!

Bear hugs!