London Southbank always has a great food market on the weekends but over Christmas it really ramps things up with the addition of the Christmas market which adds a whole new range of tasty culinary choices every day of the week!

One of these choices (if it’s even a choice because, y’know, I see Mac & Cheese I have to have it!) is The Mac Shack!

They do a nice range of dishes but what caught my eye back on Saturday¬† was one of the days specials The Mac Dog! An 8″ Bockwurtz in a Brioche bun smothered with Mac & Cheese! Hey, it’s a no brainer! What do you think Judgement Bear?

Now ever since I started these reviews I wanted to have some form of measurement so you guys could see what size of dish I was getting. The only constant I could go with was my hand and MAN is my hand dwarfed in this picture!

How to start with this….. okay, let’s go with working from the bottom up on this one! The brioche bun. Now hey, maybe a controversial opinion but I’m not a fan of the brioche bun. It’s always a bit dry and can also be too sweet and I would usually prefer to go for a white roll BUT I’m also aware that a brioche really holds together and also holds it’s contents in place and that was SO necessary here! I mean look at it!¬†

And the contents? It’s a tasty, tasty hot dog! Like, I can’t remember the last time I had such a tasty dog (and man, while waiting for my meal to be put together the smell of the Bockwurtz cooking away was driving me crazy!)

Then on top of that dog is the Mac & Cheese! Small elbow macaroni covered in a large thick (and I mean THICK) dose of flavoursome cheese sauce! No added thrills of herbs or spices and frankly it’s not needed! The Mac and Cheese would totally be an old school flavours dish in itself but in this case pairs beautifully with the dog! I will say the Mac was a bit overcooked but it really didn’t matter. It absolutely worked!

And the toppings! Now I just went with two as I really wanted to taste that Mac but you get a LOT of choice and a plentiful amount as well! I mean, look at the photo! I feel like a right slitter with all them toppings spilling over!

And all for ¬£9! I mean, I think this is one of our more expensive reviews but with the choice, quality and just pure quantity (literarlly) on hand it’s absolutely worth it!

What really struck me after I finished this dog (as well as being pretty dang happy) was just how well planned out everything was. The right bun, the dog, the use of small mac and the really thick sauce so it all stayed together on the dog, and then how you can customise it in so many ways with some really great toppings. This was thought through and I really love that!

And yeah, I can’t help but give this a

You can check out more about the Mac Shack, and the Southbank too, here and they also have an Instagram account @Macshack_Southbank

PS. Did I mention how friendly the folk who served me were? It really added to such a great experience! I’m telling you, go see them before January 5th when the market closes!