From time to time I get asked how long a book takes me to put together. My answer is always the same in how I say I try and get a book out every three months and that a panel takes about an hour to draw.

I feel sometimes I get judged by that remark as my work is pretty simple. Now when I say panel I mean quarter of a page, sadly this panel below of Bear punching and there being a flash behind the punch took me well over an hour and is only the third of a normal size panel…

It hurts. I get so obsessed to the point I’m checking a panel pixel by pixel. I really wish I could just draw and move on but it’s not me. Symmetry, spacing and positioning are super crazy important to my mental well being and it really holds me up.

Y’know, I sometimes feel I get judged when I reply to the question of how long it takes me to do my books as it’s kinda simple but I sure hope that you guys enjoy my panel layouts!

(But also my art too!)

More soon! Bear hugs!