Christmas is on it’s merry way and I’m reaping the rewards by having a whole host of new eateries to try thanks to the number of Christmas markets popping up around London!

The other day I got to try Quack ‘N’ Mac’s Christmas offering of Mac with Duck Confit, Sage and Onion Stuffing and Cranberry Sauce!

Before I go in on this, what do you think Judgement Bear?

So we’ve got a half and half situation with equal amounts of Mac & Cheese and the duck confit (including all the gubbins) on the top so I’m going to work my way down on reviewing this one.

First of all, the duck confit was AMAZING! Full of flavour, super crispy and yet also soft enough to just melt away in my mouth! The cranberry and crispy onions were really nice additions but I sure wish there was more of the tasty sage and onion stuffing (but then, I don’t think I have a limit on how much S&O stuffing is too much S&O stuffing!)

My only quibble was the rocket which although it worked and totally added a real nice touch of green to the Christmas look I do kinda wish we had brussels sprouts in there (but hey, I could very well be alone on that one – as I am AFTER I ever have brussels sprouts…) But yeah, all in all it all worked super well and the proportions (bar for  that there stuffing) were perfect!

But hey! This is a Mac & Cheese review! Let’s get to the Mac and what we have here is small elbow pasta that had been really nicely cooked and had a super great bite to each little noodle. Added, the sauce really coated that mac nicely but sadly that’s where this review takes a dive. You see, the sauce didn’t taste of anything! I even ensured I took a bit out that didn’t have any of the toppings combined with it and I still got nothing. No cheese. Sometimes a taste of something that I couldn’t quite put my finger on but I can sure tell you that the taste I got wasn’t cheese AND I WANTED CHEESE!

Added to that I would have liked some more Mac & Cheese (y’know, if it was actually enjoyable) It’s odd that the proportions are so off as M&C isn’t the main money crusher in this £8 meal so you’d think you’d boost that quantity a bit there so you had a pot that was full to the brim!

It’s odd. And that’s what makes this review a bit of a tough one. I loved the toppings and would absolutely go back and try something else of the menu. Just not anything that had Mac & ‘Cheese’ in it. So do I review this as an entire dish, or for the mac, or for the experience? As time goes on with these reviews I’m finding myself going more for the experience and for that I’m giving this a





And to be honest, without the topping this would have been one lone noodle for a rating and that would have purely been for the cute wee beautifully cooked macaroni. 

But hey, if you want to try  Quack ‘N’ Mac’s Mac & Cheese or check out their other duck related options they’re in Paternoster Square in this week although you can check out where else they’ll be from their Facebook page

PS. They also have a website but it just shows a picture saying ‘Coming Summer 2019’. Seriously, if you have a web page you use it! You talk about your brand or if not that something else like doing silly wee cartoons or reviewing food and that! Websites cost money dang it!