…and it’s proving SUPER tough!

Page 22. A fight scene. So far I’ve kept the fighting in issue #14 very much off camera but I wanted to have that one page to show some action back when I first did the book and still now with the updated version.

I wasn’t happy with the original page so planned to redo it entirely – which I did!

I had cut it down from four the three panels with the plan of having sound effects in-between the panels. I also removed the picture of Rizos hitting the two baddies behind her as it really didn’t work (that face? The odd length of shoulder? How her hair is behind her fists – the fists that are hitting the bad guys? It made no sense!)

But the thing is, I’m not happy with the new three panel choice either! So I’m heading back to update it AGAIN!

Hey, if you want a job done right…

More soon and by that I mean the updated, updated page!

Bear hugs!