So here in  London the Hyde Park Winter Wonderland has kicked off for the holiday season and The Mac Factory has got themselves a spot!

Now hey, there’s no point in me discussing The Mac Factory’s macaroni and cheese as I’ve already covered this in a previous  review that you can see here so today I’m going to discuss the new menu choice, the Ho-Ho-hog! (although hey, I’m TOTALLY going to discuss the macaroni itself)!

So let’s get on with this! What do you think Judgement Bear?

So this dish has slow smoked pulled pork, BBQ sauce, cranberries (CRANBERRIES, right?) and (truffled melted) Brie de Meaux and OH MY it’s amazing!

The pulled pork is tender and SO tasty (I could have done with more but then I really don’t think I have an inner limit to how much is ‘more’ when it comes to pulled pork) and although I have to admit that I didn’t quite pick up the BBQ sauce that might be down to the flavour of the cranberries.

And hey! Cranberries! Like, did I not just talk about cranberries in my last review and how they would totally go in a festive Mac & Cheese?!? This was the dream! (Puts my attempt to shame and I’m okay with that!)

But forget all that! The Brie? Maaaaaaaaannnnnnnnnnnnnnn! This was an INSANE heightened level of cheese that I was not expecting! What makes it that crazy bit more awesome is that the cheese is blow torched RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU before put in the tub AND THEN BLOW TORCHED AGAIN! (Now hey, if that doesn’t happen for you then don’t blame me but man that was amazing!)

The flavours hit. This was an absolute full on Christmas Mac & Cheese explosion! Oh, and the macaroni? In all my years of eating Mac and Cheese this time was EASILY the BEST mac I’ve bitten in to. Al dente’d to perfection! (The Mac Factory has never done bad in how they boil their pasta but today was ON POINT)

So yeah, great flavours, total Christmas feels AND THE USE OF A BLOWTORCH(!) I’m giving this my first ever

You can check out the Mac Factory here and also check out Hyde Park Winter Wonder Land here

PS. Word to the wise? You hit this dish, be prepared to feel sleepy afterwards! So much cheezzzZZZZzzz…..