So with the updates to my old book I also get to question if a panel – or panels – are necessary. One lot of panels I questioned was a scene with the Shoal watching on as Bear and Rizos fought a series of bad guys and wondering if they should get involved.

The thing is, I really like these pages! Well, not how they look but the whole scene itself. It might come off a bit self-indulgent but I feel they’re super important and not only to the story but the Shoal themselves!

You see, first and foremost I wanted the Shoal in this book. The last arc didn’t have them in at all except for a panel or two and I REALLY want them on every issue of this arc.

Secondly, I get to put in the whole finishing joke line from one of the Shoal (which also totally ties in with the whole overall message of this issue about knowledge) but it also allows me to keep the fight going on in the background without actually having to see it (I figure panel after panel of fight scene could get a bit boring, or nasty, after a while plus this way you get to imagine what crazy stuff is happening back there)

And finally, and this is an important one, I show some Shoal relaxing. Pretty much all the Shoal we’ve met have been pretty dang evil (or at least look that way). I want to show that not all Shoal are evil or just soldiers following orders. That they have worries and fears and like to relax too.

There’s going to be more of this as the book goes along but yeah, this scene was important to me.

But the updated pages? They look like this now (although yet to be coloured!)

And lookit! I’ve updated that Bear and Rizos are fighting so it ties in with the update previous pages!

I hope you like new look! Let me know what you think on Facebook or Twitter!

More soon! Bear hugs!