So I’m on the closing stretch of updating issue #14 and I’m going to be honest that it’s taking me that bit longer to do than I had first thought but that’s down to making additional changes.

I figure though, why not? If a panel is bugging me then why make a slight change rather than redo it while I have the chance?

Good case in point is this two page spread. I’d originally thought of just making a few changes to Rizos but then I figured I’d go all in and redo the page entirely!

Here’s the original and updated pages! (Excuse the updated page not being coloured in yet! Um, or lettered!)

I decided to redo the panel and to go with a full on face-off.  I admit that the straight on viewpoint made for a quicker picture to put together but I’m also really happy with just how creative and crazy I got to be with inventing a whole bunch of new bad guys who are then totally put on show for you the reader to see!

But wait… didn’t some of those bad guys in the original panel end up on the next page? Does that mean more updates?!? Well….. check out the next blog! (Hey, I’m behind on a blog from last week so I’m splitting this over two blogs!)

Bear hugs!