…for Christmas Mac & Cheese!

Yup, the holiday season is coming up and eateries already have their festive menu’s available! Woo!

And hey, Costa Coffee has brought back their Christmas Pigs and Blankets Mac & Cheese (yes, you read that right. Pigs and Blankets – not Pigs in Blankets – but hey, we’ll get to that!)

First of all, let’s check out Judgement Bears opinion of this!

So where to start? Well, first and foremost I’m really not getting a festive feel from this meal. It’s a white sauce (and yes, white – I’m really not picking up much of a cheese flavour) and it’s super runny. I mean, there’s a lot of sauce so that’s great but it’s just kinda there and without much flavour. I guess it at least does a good job of covering the macaroni and by that I mean hiding them awful small straight tubes of ‘macaroni’.)

I can’t help but feel all the flavour comes from the crumb top which does have a nice herb and cheese flavour to it but that’s seriously the only positive I can come up with on this meal.

What about the pigs and blankets? Well, the sausages (and there are a good amount) are so dry! Like, seriously super crazy dry! Now hey, maybe if the sausages were actually wrapped in bacon rather than being all naked like they would’ve been that bit more juicy but no. Nakey sausages and some tiny bits of bacon dotted sporadically about in a (white) sauce.

It’s… really not good.

And as I said, there is nothing about this meal that makes me feel festive. No warmth, no happy,  but a nice dose of guilt for having had this in the first place! And hey, I know Mac & Cheese isn’t a healthy meal choice but it should be soooooo tasty that you forget all about that and just feel good!

And all this guilt and disappointment comes to you for £4.05. They say you get what you pay for but I’m saying this dish is still way too expensive.

I would strongly recommend that if you’re a fan of Mac & Cheese and/or Christmas you avoid this dish. And with that in mind, I’m giving this meal the low score of





And that is purely for the crumb topping…

But hey! Let’s end this on a high note because, y’know, holiday season and all that! I was so annoyed by this meal that I went and made my own.

Now okay, it was a bit of a rush job and I really should have browned that crumb topping a bit more and I wish my local shop had cranberry sauce with actual cranberries in it but hey, I present my (rough) idea of what this dish could have been (and check me with bear oven gloves! #proud)

Seriously Costa Coffee! Pigs in Blankets! And you only need three or four! And some cranberry sauce (preferably with actual whole cranberries in it) to cut through the fattiness of the sausages! Oh, and add a touch of nutmeg to the cheese sauce (which is an actual cheese sauce) and you’ve got FESTIVE MAC & CHEESE!!!! And you can still keep it in the fridge section and lob it in your microwave oven doohickey to heat it up like you do with your current offering!

It’s not that difficult, right?

PS. And your eyes are not deceiving you! We’ve had our Christmas tree up already for a few weeks because we’re impatient like that and want to enjoy Christmas decorations for as long as we can! Christmas!!!!!