So in my recent visit to Glasgow I went looking for some more Mac & Cheese experiences and stopped of at The Flying Duck to try vegan Mac dish and man am I pleased that I did!

But hey, before we get to my (obviously positive) feelings let’s show the dish to Judgement Bear!

So straight off the bat we have elbow macaroni! Yay! It was a little bit soft but at the same time that bit larger than your standard mac which was a pleasant change (I don’t think the size different is down to the Mac being boiled for too long but just that it was a different brand).
But the bit of the mac was forgotten about real quickly as this was the creamiest Mac and Cheese I have had in AGES and I believe the first time EVER in a Vegan Mac & Cheese! And that creamy sauce really covered all the macaroni as well which was great – no one wants naked Mac in a Mac & Cheese dish!
But what really made this dish was the smoked paprika and parsley top which just blew my mind and taste buds in equal measure! Just amazing! It was so warm and spicy and made me feel cosy from my big bald head to the tips of my toes!
Now your eyes don’t deceive you in this (rather grainy coz it’s a pretty dark venue) picture but yes there was garlic bread with the Mac (*gasp!*). If you’ve read my other reviews you’ll know my less than positive opinion to having it tacked on to a Mac dish but I have to admit that this time it wasn’t half bad. The bread was the heal of a loaf (not sure if that’s the standard serving or if I’d just got lucky) but the two half slices had a nice bite and not too garlic-y (hey, I LOVE garlic but I don’t want it to overpower my Mac!)
Without a doubt if I had easy access to this dish I wouldn’t feel the need to have regular Mac & Cheese again! It was absolutely gorgeous and beats a lot of Mac dishes I’ve had over the years!
And all for only £7.50 which made this dish all the better and earns it an impressively high

You can check out The Flying Duck’s website here which also lists what events they’ve got coming up!