So a short while ago we were up in Glasgow for MCM Scotland which gave me the chance to try a few new places for Mac and Cheese and I was super excited to try Rose and Grant’s deli cafe as they did Macaroni and cheese pies! But, they were vegan! Whaaaaaaa?

Okay, we’re doing this! What do you think Judgement Bear?

This wee pie of beauty comes in at £3.50 to eat sitting in (or £3 for takeaway) and was it worth it? Oh heck yes!

The Mac and Cheese sports a pretty strong flavour and proves to be surprisingly saucy in the centre of the pie (something I don’t expect with a regular pie so yeah, nice touch!) It also carries a real peppery hit which just adds to the super cosy feels I got when biting in to it.

And hey! Elbow macaroni! Admittedly a bit soft but it’s a pie. It happens. But man, so good! Special nod to the pastry which is much thinner, and also flimsier, than that of a regular pie but it holds well and is real nice!

Like, change is good and this is a real enjoyable change! Especially as I could see myself no longer eating regular M&C pies if there was always one of these lovelies close at hand!

All these good feels gives this pie a strong

You can check out more about Rose and Grant’s deli cafe on Facebook

PS. I’ve got to admit that the pie pictured above was actually my second pie as I enjoyed the first one so much – which check it, came with salad! (although said salad was doused in WAY too much oil! Yikes!)