It’s MCM London and although I got all my stuff ready super early this time I had a last minute idea to create a hat to wear throughout the weekend (which I’ll post about soon) and so got lost in creating that. Oops!

But hey, I still have prints to talk about!

So as well as the updated Tedpool and Woolbearine parody prints I also had two other ideas I REALLY wanted to go with! First of all, an IT parody!

I will admit that I’ve not seen either of the new films yet (although I did see the original way back when and intend to watch the first of the new line of films this Halloween) but having got the idea in my head I HAD to do this! And although I had a few ideas in my head there really was only one solid sketch that I felt totally worked!

Then there was my other idea which had looooong been stuck in my head and was a much needed parody of Aquaman what with having absolutely LOVED the movie! So yeah, I came up with Arfur Curry!

There was a bit of moving about with getting this all to work. I wanted Bear in the picture, I wanted the angry look that Aquaman gives off (movie version – got to love Mamoa for making that character so his own! And cool!), but I also wanted the trident and that’s a lot to fit in a page without leaving empty space! So yeah, I came up with the above picture.

But here’s the thing, I’m not in love with it. There’s a lllllllot of green in this and the background is an afterthought and I knew I could do better. 

It use to be that I would be so happy to get a working pun that I would run with it no matter what but I’m needing to be that bit stricter now and also go with my gut. I can do better.

And I will do for next year’s lot of conventions! Promise!

Arfur deserves better and I’ve been really pleased with my new Woolbearine and Tedpool pictures and that has really made me want to push the boundaries on what I’m doing! So yeah, 2020 for that! (And also a Mighty Fur (Thor, right?) parody!)

Anyways, that’s next year! Back to this year and MCM this weekend! I’m at table CV135 and got my new prints, old prints, books and all the other gubbins you’ve come to expect!

And the unexpected with my new hat! Oooh, the unexpected!

Hope to see you there!

More soon! Bear hugs!