And it’s not only another updated print but one that, like Woolbearine, has been updated twice!

It’s the bear with a mouth, Tedpool!

Having gone with from the cover from issue #1 of the original Deadpool limited series to the original movie poster of the first movie I decided to be original and come up with my own Tedpool print!

I only had two ideas for this one, the one I went with and a shot of Tedpool through a hole in what looks likes a rather famous honey loving bear….

It really came down to wanting a clearer picture of Tedpool and also less guns (as in zero) in the picture (because knives and slashing is okay, right…?)

But yeah, it was time for a change. The original picture is crazy old and I realised that it’s been a good few years since the first Deadpool film came out so yeah, time for something new!

And hey, do you recognise any of the bears I’m giving a nod to in the picture? I’ve only just realised that I missed out Yogi Bear! I should totally have had a tie flying through the air! Dang it! (Hmm…. maybe in the update of this updated picture? No?)

I really hope you like this one – it was a load of fun to put together!

More soon! Bear hugs!