It’s almost time for MCM London and that means new prints!

And hey, as you might have worked out I do like updating things and this time I’ve gone and done an updated Woolbearine picture!

The two pictures on the left are the old ones that I’ve done in the past and I’ve been feeling that it’s time to bring out a new one!

As you can see, I’ve kept with the Snikt/Knit pun but my big thing was to have a proper full body shot of Woolbearine rather than of his head!

I ended up not using any old covers to parody for this one although I almost did….

Do you recognise what was my inspiration for these ones?

The one of the left was super tempting and I had plans to have the starting of a jumper on Woolbearine’s ‘claws’ but I had an issue with it still being a headshot!

The other sketch was less of a contender and I figured that the sound effect running in a different direction from the logo might come off a bit confusing.

So yeah, full body shot with sound effect (which was inspired by the opener of the old X-men cartoon) became the winner!

So what do you think? Do you like the new print?

Let me know on Facebook or Twitter using the hashtaq #Woolbearine

More tomorrow with our next print (which is also an update of an old one!)

Bear hugs!