…and it’s a bit late too (again!)! I had some other things I wanted to post about this week but unfortunately I ran out of time!

Speaking of running out of time, I’ve finished updating the writing and fonts in issue #14 of the comic and got a seriously low number of panels that I want to redo – and even then a lot of cases is just adding things like fingers to Lloyd and Bear who are currently sporting circle balls for hands!

And yeah, it’s really clear how I was running out of time on this book with my self enforced deadlines as the final pages sure had a lot of circles for hands!

I’ll be showing more of the new panels over the next few weeks including new (and returning) parody prints I’m working on for MCM London (sorry MCM Scotland, I had too much going on to be all prepared for you guys but hey, I’ve already loads of cool stuff for you anyways!)

More soon! Bear hugs!