So just a quick one from me this week. You see, I’ve got plans! Plans for things to do with the here website!

Yup, an (almost) weekly blog and sporadic Mac & Cheese reviews plus the occasional comic strip just isn’t enough for me(!) so you see, PLANS!

First off, as I’m picking up comic books pretty much every week so I figures I should maybe talk about them here. I just need to work out the details on if I want to cover every book I cover (as I’m crazy slow at getting around to reading them that might not be the best) or just cover a single book or maybe even just whatever catches my eye be it even just a panel in one particular book. I don’t know but once I get it in my head I’ll be posting about it on here!

Secondly, I mentioned previously how much I loved our simplified table display at GCCC and I, in part, want to hold on to that. If nothing else, I really liked how much lighter it was carrying everything to a convention! So going forward I’m going to still have the big print display behind (to the side?) of me but the table will be less cluttered with only the books and the like. We’ll see how it goes. But yeah, with that plan in place then what to do with all them discount prints? Well I’m hoping to figure out the best (and easiest) way to sell them from either here or over at BigCartel where we sell our books. But yeah, much like with the comic reviews once I figure it out I’ll be posting it on here!

So yeah, short and sweet this week but I’m really excited with trying new things!

More soon! Bear hugs!