With issue #13 all done and dusted it’s time to move on to updating issue #14 which I’m confident won’t take anywhere near as long to do!

My first challenge was to update the cover and I knew I wanted to do something with Rizos’ (that’s her in front of all them punched up aliens) hair that would then be updated throughout the book.

And this became a bigger thing than I first thought….

You see, on the left we have the original cover which along with a few issues had a grammatical error(!) Like, I’m messing up on the cover – that’s not good!

After correcting the wording I got rid of the Bubblebear design on Rizos’ t-shirt (as it was never used again in the book) and made a few other tiny changes.

But as for the hairy colouring style I tried to go with a big messy hair design which I only realised afterwards I had tried way back when I first worked on the character and I never liked it then either!

I then decided to go with an (almost) white streak in her hair riffing from Bride of Frankenstein and was super happy with it and yeah, all good and cover saved.

The thing is, the next morning I checked the cover again and realised that I still had a problem with it! You see, I never felt that Rizos looked the same as she did on the interior pages. I had already made her hair a bit sharper and added some body to it but she just didn’t match up. I then realised that I had made her head too big which made her look younger – like in her early teens rather than late teens/early twenties (Yup, my basic cartoony shaped characters have ages! And I can tell by looking at them!)

So yeah, a few more updates had to be made but it got me to this finished cover!

What do you think?

You know, I started this post by saying that it shouldn’t take me long to update the book and I’m still sticking to that belief despite how long it took me to rework the cover! There’s not a lot of characters in the issue and it’s a pretty tightly written book (if I remember correctly) but I guess we’ll find out.

And yeah, I see ‘we’ as I’ll be updating you guys as I go along!

More soon! Bear hugs!