With my recent trip up to Aberdeen for Granite City Comic Con it gave me a chance to try some new Mac & Cheese eateries and Aberdeen is full of them!

But hey, I was only there for a couple of days so had to pick wisely and I like to think I did! The one essential stop on my trip, and the very first place I went to having gotten off the plane, was Thains Bakery on George Street!

I’ll be honest, I’ve paid this bakery many a visit back when I use to live in Aberdeen and I knew I had to stop by again! Now I understand that you might not be sure what a M&C pie looks like! It’s okay, as you’re not alone as Judgement Bear doesn’t know either so why don’t you check it out together!

It’s at this point I realise that this review isn’t going to play out like previous ones! You see, water crust pastry wrapped bundle of Mac & Cheese joy isn’t a meal. I mean, it can be if you buy some more pies but yeah, it’s not your traditional serving of Mac and Cheese (although that is also avaiable here!)

Also, I was so fixed on getting a pie that I forgot to pay attention to the price(!) but I think it comes in at £1.30….? So yeah, how to review this? Clearly not well because I’m making mistakes but, y’know… Well, I’ve decided to judge this on in it’s own Mac pie category rather than a meal and with that all covered, how was it?

So we’ve got elbow macaroni in full effect and man and it’s pretty soft but it holds up to the heavy dose of cheese sauce. It’s all pretty solidly packed in to the pastry and I’m guessing that the solidity (as don’t expect a runny or stretchy sauce here) along with that lack of bite from the pasta is down to the baking part of production.

As for the sauce itself, it isn’t too strong and has a nice mustardy hit to it. Now, there’s no crispy crumb topping BUT thanks to the baking process the macaroni and grated cheese comes off with a real nice bite. And speaking of that grated cheese it manages to get itself caught around the rim of the pie and you get a real strong cheesey flavour!

So yeah, there’s nothing fancy or groundbreaking going on here – just a good traditional style Scottish pie.  And with that, and treating this as it’s own thing and not as a meal, I would give it a solid

Thains is a pretty old school bakery with some crazy long hours and absolutely worth visiting if you’re in Aberdeen. You can check out more about them on their Facebook page at Thains Facebook and I’ll be back  with my second M&C review from Aberdeen soon! 

PS. I realise that this really wasn’t my best interview but hey, we have another Mac & Cheese review from Aberdeen coming up soon! I’ll get better! Promise!