Okay, maybe less of a blog and more of an advert but hey, it’s news!

So yeah, have you checked our online merch store recently over at RedBubble? I’ve gone through it and made a few changes having removed some designs and added a bunch of new ones.

More importantly, I’ve set the images up so they now actually work on different colours of shirt! It’s the future! (Okay, I’m just really slow on the uptake with how to present my work correctly!)

But yeah, check out some of these designs!

The big news is I’ve also gone and added a bunch of other options than just t-shirts and added things like wall clocks and notepads (two very different examples there!)

But yeah, check it out over at RedBubble

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. Is it wrong to want to wear your own designs? BECAUSE I REALLY WANT TO!!!