So back at the weekend we were up in Aberdeen catching up with friends and family, eating Mac & Cheese (reviews to come!) while also getting to attend Granite City Comic Con!

But pre-con we had a problem! We do not travel light but we also wanted to save money (while also feared belongings getting damaged in hold) so what to do?!?

See, as you might know, this is my usual kind of table layout…

…but the goal was to cut costs (and seriously, we were scared the books and prints would get bashed about in hold). For a more local convention we’d be taking a suitcase, backpack and a display stand – okay, I’m saying ‘we’ a lot but for conventions and carrying it’s usually just me (and man is it heavy!)

I had to trim our stuff down and I mean by a LOT! I picked off all the stands, decided the postcards, badges and bowl can stay behind, leave the display stand behind, and (reluctantly) also travel without the discount prints (as they require the holder too and I knew we’d be short on space both in terms of what we can carry and also display)

So main prints and books it was (plus table cloth) and you know what? It was kinda cool! Like, a lot cool!

It was so light!!! But wait! That wasn’t the best thing! It felt proper old school (okay, we still had way more prints and books back when we started attending conventions) but it was simple and clean and also weirdly didn’t feel overwhelming to look at!

Kinda made us take a step back and rethink what to have on the table going forward but yeah, who knew? Sometimes too much is… TOO much?

And hey! Not only was GCCC a learning experience it was also an AWESOME day with some cracking chat from both visitors and our booth neighbours!

Hopefully we’ll be there next time (and fingers crossed enjoying the same amazing weather!)

Okay, back to work but there will be another blog up soon as we’re a week behind! Whoops!

More soon! Bear hugs!

PS. How crumpled is that cloth? I think it’s the same wrinkles in both photos!?!