The other weekend I went for a walk and (totally intentionally) ended up back in Camden to try out another Mac & Cheese eatery and I was super excited!

Where did I go? Why, the Cheese Bar! Where the seats and bar are made from cheese! (Okay, they’re not but y’know, that would be gross and awesome in equal measure – okay, maybe just gross)

The Cheese Bar is located in Camden Stables Market and opened it’s doors in 2017 after a successful crowd funding event. I have to admit, the interior is very swish with a rectangular bar area and some long tables and the staff are on point when it comes to service.

All very good but hey! I’m here for the FIVE CHEESE Mac & Cheese (yes, FIVE CHEESE so it’s going to be good, right Judgement Bear?)

The dish, in keeping with the look of the place, came out on a skillet and presented beautifully. And hey! Actual elbow macaroni was in full effect here so that’s a win and with a crispy crumb and herb coating it’s all going well, right? RIGHT?

You see, this review is a tough one.

So far it’s all positive but this is where it kind of stops. You see, usually when I review a place I enjoy the Mac, take pictures of the Mac and then walk away for a bit and get my thoughts together about the Mac, write down all my thoughts, and then put together a review but here I found myself forgetting the dish pretty much immediately and had to write up my notes there and then!

So yes, actual elbow macaroni was being used (and pretty dang big macaroni at that!) and there was an abundance of sauce and it had a bit of stretch too (sometimes) BUT there really wasn’t a strong flavour! Or any flavour!

I would have expected with five different cheeses I would have been knocked out with a real heavy hit but no, it was kinda bland. Sadly, the only taste I was getting – and remembering – was the crumb topping which had caught and really, all I could taste was the nasty taste of burnt!

The meal came in at £9 which, I don’t know, is hard to rate for value of money. The experience and look of The Cheese Bar is fantastic and I did get a decent serving of Mac but then I’m paying for something that I’m struggling to remember other than for the negatives.

I must admit that there were a lot of nice looking dishes going out on the tables that I would be interested in trying but the Mac & Cheese was a let down and a huge one at that.

So with the lack of flavour and for actually burning (BURNING!) a dish I’m giving this a sad…


(and that’s very much for the aesthetics and use of elbow macaroni)

None the less, if you want to visit the Cheese Bar for their Mac & Cheese (why would you?) or maybe try something else of the menu then why not check out

And hey, if you do go why not let me know how your experience was?