Oh man this issue took way longer to put together than planned (or at least it felt like it) but finally I’m done with updating issue #13!

And like, even as I put this blog together I noticed a mistake which, although it was only a panel where two lines were a pixel out, it was enough to bug me. And then having done that I realised that I’d forgotten to put some sound effects in! But now, I am DONE!

So this weeks blog is covering the 2 two page spreads that were in this issue.

Here’s the original;

And here’s the updated panels!

So what’s changed? Well obviously some of the writing but additionally I decided to change who said what. I figured that rather than each character taking a turn to say something that it would be a better to have each one have their moment to (act out) be in charge.

Other than that, new colouring and making the shot of Lloyd grabbing Bear’s hand way more clear (and with a bit more effort spent on actually drawing fingers!) my big thing was the two summary panels.

You see, in the original book I really didn’t like how things ran. I really wanted the pictures to flow but they ended up being rather spaced with a lot of unused panel. The new panels flow so much better (well, I figure) and also have additional characters from the updated issue #12 story!

Below is the breakdown on how the panels came together.

So this is a side by side shot of both updated panels starting from sketches (having worked out where the speech bubbles went – and yup, I rewrote them a few times while going through this process), the finished line work, how I arranged the shading and then the finished panels.

With the second panel I took the piece of the Shoal and the running Burians from the original panel and re-jigged it. Everything else was completely done from scratch (although the Shoal dancing and having fun is similar to the original. Man, those guys got mean….)

My shading process is odd, right? But hey, it works for me!

Hope you guys liked this post! I’m just so happy I’m done and able to move on to…. updating issue #14? Eek!

More soon! Bear hugs!