Okay, so this week’s been a bit of a busy one with various projects on the go that all ended up me going to the cinema to see the movie of a parody that I had just completed! Can you guess which one?


So yeah, this would be my third Spidey related parody and it came about while I was at MCM London and got thinking of how much I was looking forward to seeing Far From Home and realised that hey, there’s a pun to be had there!

After doing the logo it came down to the design for Spider-Bear and I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t totally done with saying goodbye to the previous parody print that I’d done so just moved that positioning of Bear over to the new print. I was going to redesign the costume but I found that it just got too messy with the black strips and additional lines (which totally works in the movie but personally on print I felt it didn’t work) And hey, I also added the Spider-Bear symbol to Bear’s (or is that Peter Pawker’s) chest which I TOTALLY missed last time around!

But that’s not all I’ve been up to this week as I was trying out working on a Civil Paw parody but only got as far as the logo as I couldn’t quite commit to the picture itself. Hopefully I’ll get a stronger idea and come back to this one as I loved the movie it’s inspired from and chuffed to bits with the pun.

And along with all that I’ve been busy with doing the sound effects for issue #13 of the book! Here’s an old panel and the updated one with the new colouring and sound effects (plus a bit of moving Bear about so he’s more centred!)

What do you think?

So yeah, it’s been a crazy busy week along with starting a new day job (which I’m super happy with!)

I’ve actually still to get four pages of issue #13 totally re-done but I also really want to get another print done in time for MCM Manchester!


And with that… Bear hugs and more soon!

PS. How good was Spider-man FFH? I preferred Homecoming but the film totally felt like a nice ending to Avengers End Game!