So as may know I’m a HUGE fan of the original Power Pack comic from Marvel comics. I’ve followed the adventures of ‘The Pack’ since I was a kid reading their stories as a backup strip in the UK reprint of the Star Wars comic.

When I came round to printing the second collected volume of LatB I even acknowledged the creators as without them I don’t think I would have ever done this comic!

So, a while back I located a Power Pack podcast got Unpacking the Power of Power Pack and I went and did a quick parody pick of Power Pack;

Now I’ve got to say that the guys behind the podcast, Jeff and Rick, were really complimentary about this picture but I knew I could do better and once I freed myself up a bit of time I got working on an improved parody with the ‘original’ logo.

Here’s the original rough sketch along with a more fleshed out pic!

And here’s the final parody!

As a bit of a last minute thought I decided that I wanted ‘Julie’s’ rainbow stream to be fully on the page and I also decided to not have it going over part of ‘Alex’s’ ear. And man, those changes took way longer than I expected to get done!

Now, for any big Power Pack fans out there you may have noticed that I took some art styles from the newer range of comics to represent ‘Alex’ and ‘Katie’s’ powers but yeah, I just felt it looked better sooooo…… yeah.

But hey, I’m happy with this one! Happy enough that I don’t feel like I wasted a whole load of time which I should have spent on working on a couple of new parody print ideas for MCM Manchester (which I think I may have mentioned on my last blog!)

Hope you guys like this and I’ll hopefully have a few other parodies to show you soon!

Bear hugs!

PS. Did anyone notice I wrongly coloured the arm of ‘Julie’s’ costume? I didn’t until now and I feel super bad!