So I was doing a little bit of a cleanup around my desk and although I was aware that there was a dusty old Post-it lying there for an ABSOLUTE AGE I kept moving it to one side, clean, and put it back without actually looking at it.

Well, today I actually looked at it and it was a reminder for something that I had to put in to issue #15! Which I hadn’t!

Okay, so yes, the Post-it was a bit more that just a wee bit dusty… And hey, check out how bad not only my writing it but also my use of the English language (in my defense I was trying to write this note super quick)

Also, apologies for having to blank some bits of the Post-it out but y’know, spoilers!

So this lead me having to go back through the issue and work out where to put this important piece of information as I really like doing throwbacks to old issues.

The panel I picked? This one!

And again, I had to blank a word (or a couple?) out. But yeah, I really like this panel from an art view point but I realise that Bear (who’s doing the talking) is coming off a bit more hardcore than I usually expect so I was kinda glad to change the dialogue.

The thing is, the new dialogue would have Lloyd and Bear talking and I needed at least one of them in the panel else I’d have to resort to ‘Hey BEAR…’ and ‘Well, LLOYD…’ so I had to send this panel off to the Spare folder (I’m sure our heroes will be fighting the Shoal – as that’s their ships in the background – again soon enough!) and create a new one!

Sure, not as exciting a panel visually but it got the information across that I wanted and also Bear got to be a bit calmer so that’s a definite win!

So that was a quick change of work from what I was doing with the re-colouring of issue 13 but necessary!

After I’m finished with the colouring I plan to spend some time on a few new parody prints for MCM Manchester (only two) plus another parody which I’m doing for myself (which I’ll tell you more about soon!)

Back to work! Bear hugs!