So I’ve finished updating the lettering in issue #13 – including going through it again having learned the importance of using Serif Font on the letter ‘I’ when a character refers to themselves – and I’m now at the colouring stage (as well as updating/correcting the odd panel here and there)

I’ve just finished my second page which is oddly the opening page of the book (as I’m not doing this in order) and it took a stupid long time as over time I’ve done little changes to many of the things shown on this page in previous issues so I had to ensure it all tied up! Especially as I’ll be using this as reference for following pages!

Look! Lloyd has hands! The commander has a name (and a scar)! Explosions are in different places now! Okay, you get the idea….

It’s an interesting book to work on as not every page needs updating – or at least not a lot of updates – and at the same time I’m finding I’m having to concentrate on each page at a time whereas when putting a book together I would usuaully colour several pages at the same time if I’m using the same colour palette.

Hopefully I’ll be able to speed up a bit and zip through this as I get a hang of doing individual pages and get this and the next issue updated pretty quickly as I really want to get working on issue #16 as well as colouring issue #15!

(It probably doesn’t come as a surprise to anyone who has seen my parody prints that I do like updating my work from time to time!)

Okay, back to work! More soon!

Bear hugs!