So while out walking today and enjoying the good weather here in London I, along with my better half, stopped by Temple of Seitan for some lunch. Now unlike said better half  – who is a card carrying vegan (no, not really a thing) – this was my first time at this eatery and hey, they had Mac & Cheese! And my personal rule goes, if I see Mac & Cheese on the menu I’M GOING TO TRY IT!

Now first, before I even get to reviewing the dish let’s cover the whole ‘Wait, vegan Mac & Cheese?’ dilemma. See, there is vegan cheese and personally, I’m not a big fan of it and to my (limited) knowledge it’s not that good to melt down either. Additionally, I’m not a fan of ‘alternatives’. Substitutes I’m TOTALLY on board with so if I’m not to eat chicken (for example) that’s cool as long as the substitute is also awesomely tasty. Alternatives I find hard to deal with as trying to make a food have the same taste and texture as another food is pretty difficult if not impossible.

BUT, going down the substitute road there are some awesome options out there for Mac & (non) Cheese recipes! So far I’ve tried sauces with the major ingredient being sweet potato, nutritional yeast or, as in this case, cashew nuts.

So with that out the way, BRING THE MAC & CHEESE TO THE JUDGEMENT BEAR!!!

Now this here is a regular pot that clocks in at £4 (they have a large pot too). Was it worth it? Well, read on!

As you might see in the picture ToS use actual elbow macaroni which is a definite plus! It’s also REALLY TINY macaroni which is not only super cute but also means they really pack that mac in to the pot! Additionals, it has a real bite to it which is great!

Now, my vegan palette (meaning there’s a load of flavours/ingredients in life I’ve missed out on) is nowhere near what it should be yet so I couldn’t tell you what was all in the sauce other than cashew nuts and vegan parmesan-ish (yeah, I know I already talked about cheese earlier but this stuff actually worked! Also, to be honest, I was told about the cheese from one of the many friendly staff in the branch – again, my taste buds aren’t quite there yet). It was also topped with some sour cream(?) and a crispy coating and that coating added a real smokey taste to the dish!

There wasn’t much in the way of stretchy cheese but it was super smooth and having accidentally mixed in the sour cream (again, I think?) it became that bit smoother and had a bit of stretchy feel to the sauce!

Although not a big tub (it was a ‘regular’ after all!) it certainly filled a hole in my belly and more importantly I was left with the happy feels for a good few hours after thinking about this dish. So for all this, I would absolutely give ToS’s Mac & Cheese deserves a strong (especially at £4!)

If you want to know more about Temple of Seitan they have two branches in London and we visited their Camden one on 103a Camley Street. For more information check out their website 

PS. Will this change my eating habits and make me denounce cheese and the other dirty lovely things I go for? No, but dishes like this offer me awesome new options to eat which is not only great for me but great for the environment too! Result!