So this weekend was MCM Comic Con London and we (as always) had a great time!

I have to say, it was sure a different MCM, be it all the new faces in the Comic Village, different stores selling a different range of merchandise and also all the new visitors! Sooooo many new faces and that’s great to see! The comic/movie/tv/gaming industry is going to do fine!

And hey, something that I had a chance to do this time was actually pop outside for a bit on the Saturday and it was sooooo cool seeing so many people just chilling out enjoying the sun! Totally jealous!

Anyways, this convention we sold out of a number of prints and of them there’s six that won’t be coming back(!) Eek!

In some cases, these have been prints that I’ve been selling for some time and I want to make room for new ones (that’s why we always have a discount bin to move out the older prints). With other prints it’s just that I want to try something new with the character and I’m really looking forward to trying new ideas!

Thanks everyone who stopped by this weekend and if you picked up one of the above prints then an extra thank you! You’re giving me the chance to try something new and I do love a challenge!

More soon! Bear hugs!