…but I have good reason!

So it’s MCM London this weekend and I’ve been super busy! No, not getting prints printed and books…. booked(?) and postcards….. Okay, so it’s not all the different things we’re selling prepared as that was all DONE! Yup, completely on top of that this time and all packed a week ago!

No, what caught me out was the time it took to prepare Bear V4 (I think we’re on version 4 at least?)

See, I’ve had a small version of Bear sit on our table, a big version, a huge puppet version and now….. a slightly smaller puppet sized version.

Yup, Bear has had some work done! His body is still the same but that face has been tightened and stitched back just a wee bit (I keep telling you, he’s SUCH a diva!)

And look!

The final pieces (and I oddly don’t mean cut out pieces but just the putting together) came together this morning and he’s all good!

Long time readers on here will know that I hate to waste things and I’ll recycle whenever I get a chance to so I used Bear V3 and took him apart and sewed him back together all be it a bit smaller and with a few changes. I never took a photo but man, undoing the stitching around Bear’s face and peeling it off the foam block underneath was GRIM.

(Okay, I really should have taken a picture….)

Anyways, here we are! No hats for us this time! It’s puppet, puppet, puppet all the way! (That sentence makes no sense unless you’ve seen how we’ve been dressing at cons the last few times!)

And yeah, if you want to see us, and Bear, then we’re in the Comic Village at table CV73 in the Excel, London!

Hope to see you there!

Bear hugs!