After my last LatB post regarding only doing five prints I found out that MCM London will be having a visit from the Green Arrow himself, Stephen Amell! And hey, there was me with an Arrow/Flash parody using the Brave and the Bold series as a starting point which I hadn’t used in a while soooo…..

…..I’ve gone back and given it an update!

So apart from the change of background I also re-positioned Beary Allen (I still love that pun!) and tightened the whole picture up a bit. There were a few other touches as well like moving the arrow tip and changing the colour of the lightening bolt behind Beary but nothing too crazy.

And why did I go to all this effort? Well, I have this wee dream that someone out there will pick up the print and then head off and get it signed by the celebrity themselves. That would be pretty sweet, right?

Ah, not long to go until MCM! I can’t wait!

More soon! Bear hugs!