…for now.

So I said a while back that I’d have six new parody prints coming out for MCM London but it looks like I’m only going to be going with five (which is enough but y’know…..)

What did I struggle with? Doing a new Transformers parody!

Longtime followers of my parodies might remember I actually did two prints before titled Transformbears;



I always intended to come back to these and either give them an update or introduce a Dinobears print to the mix but sadly Transformers 4 and 5 came to the cinema (hey, I kinda like 1-3) and put me off the idea.

But, time has passed and with the Bumblebee film being fun and there also been loads of other great Transformers media out there my love was the franchise was rekindled and  so I decided it was time to give this another go but this time with a new pun (or two).

You see, I had two ideas;

Yup, either a G1 logo (again) or go with the latest incarnation and I gave myself until the end of this weekend to get it done.

And I didn’t.

My biggest stumbling block was who to have on the print. I had it down to Prime and Megatron fighting but it just doesn’t work with Bear’s big head (physical head, not a diva thing I assure you).

Then doing solo pictures didn’t quite pan out either for much the same reason! So yeah, I’m stuck on this one for the moment but I don’t intend to give up! It’s just not going to be ready for the end of May is all….

Better to have tried and failed than never tried at all, right?

Oh well, I’ve got another project on the go just now that I’ll hopefully have done and can tell you about next week! 

More soon! Bear hugs!