Okay, I’m going to be honest, I LOVE The Mac Factory. I’ve been a fan of them ever since I spotted their stall at ‘St Giles in the Fields’ and since then they’ve had a permanent residence in Camden Market, Putney, and Westgate Oxford.

So, this review is going to be kinda bias, right? Well….. possibly, BUT it’s also the experience I want to use as the baseline for future reviews.

And why do I like The Mac Factory? Well, my trip to their Camden stall will fill you in on the details!

Now here’s the thing. The Mac Factory make their Mac & Cheese fresh! This is good to know when you are ordering as you might hit them just as a batch it ready or you may have to wait as a new batch is put together but the wait is worth it as this stuff is FRESH. No lying in tubs for who knows how long and for me that a real win.

The Camden stall currently has six different choices of dish (the ‘Hey Mac-arena’ and ‘Posh Spice’ being my favourites) but I thought I would go in to uncharted territory and try ‘The Nostalgic’. Pure Mac & Cheese with no additional fixings to confuse/excite my taste buds. Yup, I just wanted to see what the clean Mac & Cheese flavour was and you know what? It was like a whole new experience!

It’s a decent size tub coming in at £7 (other flavours vary in price) and I have to say (and this is a guy who can knock back 500g of pasta or four bits of cheese on toast – HEAVY on the cheese) that this kinda knocked me out! I mean, I could eat more but man, I felt SLEEPY!

As for the flavour it was CHEESY. Strong flavour with a nice bit of sharpness to it. What I really experienced here that I’ve not before is the crispy crumb topping which not only has a real nice texture but made the Mac feel like it had been come out of the grill. Nicely done!

The sauce is also super thick and also has a pretty sweet stretch to it!

And check how nicely that sauce evenly coat the Mac But wait, is that…… really mac? Ehh, kinda…. See, it’s Cavatappi which is indeed a Macaroni so all good BUT me being the fussy git that I am I find it a bit disappointing that it’s not elbow Macaroni (Oh yes, every review will include this judgement and an elbow Mac will push the review up) See, I want that real Americana feel and I’m old fashioned. But hey, the pasta is good and has a real nice bite to it so still a thumbs up.

But that’s just a personal issue I have. Outside of that it’s a fantastic dish that I would well try again.

So yeah, maybe a bit bias with my love here but prove me wrong by checking these guys out and try and tell me you didn’t enjoy it!

As for a rating, I’d go with a strong (and sharp) 4 macaronis – although I’d add a bit more for some of the other choices – hey, maybe a review for another day!


I hope you found this review useful! As I said, I’m totally using this as my baseline and it’s been what’s held me off getting more reviews done. Now I’m free to go out there and try more Mac and Cheese!

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