So I’ve completed five of the planned six prints and couldn’t wait to show them to you! But hey, why are there six? Well, I’m going to be honest, I wasn’t sure that the sixth print was going to work and was all but ready to give up when I was given an additional pun idea for for! So now I REALLY want to do it but I’m still trying to get the layout to work but at this point I sooooo want to show you guys what I’ve done so far!

Now I’m saying I want to show you what I’ve done already but I’m not being entirely honest as for the moment it’s only going to be their silhouette’s! (Sorry). That being said, I’ve already been talking about doing a Carol Danbears print so I can at least show you that one!

Now there’s no prize for this, but can you guess who the character is or what it’s from?

I really loved putting these together although I realise that I have a new problem that with limited space at my convention table I’m going to have to lob some old prints to the discount bin! Choices! But hey, more discounts for you guys!

More soon! Bear hugs!