So with issue #15 all drawn and lettered and ready for colouring I switched gears and got to work on doing some new parody prints. 

My parody prints came about from when I was working on issue #5 of LatB and I posted on here every day with a quick sketch I’d done (does anyone remember them?) It was during that time that I bought the Walt Simonson Thor Omnibus book and did a sketch of the legendary cover #337 with Beta Ray Bill but as Bear.

I really enjoyed doing it and did a few more with Spider-Bear and Beardevil and then I got the buzz for doing more bear puns (and hey, until then I wasn’t a big fan of puns).

And now I’ve got a whole load of different parodies and I’ve even managed to tie them in to the book (check out issues #10 and #12 to see what I mean) and I love doing them! 

Usually I get the idea from a movie or comic that I’ve just seen and fallen in love with and want to express that love in pun form but I’ve since thrown the idea out there to get suggestions. And that is SO MUCH FUN as I get so many cool ideas and also get to see other folk enjoy the struggle of finding a good pun. The icing on the cake? I also get a new challenge to work on!

You see, there’s a lot of things I have to work out. Does the pun work? Can I get Bear to pose and look like the character in the pun? Does the pun’d up logo look realistic?

And with that I put a shout out the other day about wanting to do a Captain Marvel parody but couldn’t think of a title and I got a whole load of great suggestions but the winner was…

I’m really happy with how this turned out and it was really fun to create the new letters to match up with the existing character font and style. I admit, I played around with the ‘B’ a bit as I tried having it a bit more like the ‘R’ with the slit but it didn’t work. So regular ‘B’ with a slight increase in the lower have circle.

I’m currently working on six parodies at the moment and will be doing my usual post of the completed prints (but in silhouette form) and let you all try and work out what the puns are (I love doing that!)

So yeah, more soon!

Bear hugs!