So I’m on the final panels of issue #15 and really happy with how it’s all turning out. I’ve started doing things out of order and at the start of the week I hit what I figured was going to be the busiest (hardest) panel I had left to do.

So this (obviously) is the black and white copy of it and I’ve also had to go and hide whatever that is in the centre of the page because, y’know, spoilers.

You know, maybe I should post alternate images over things that I want to keep hidden, like with the Infinity War trailer where you saw the Hulk but it turned out to be Iron Man – that was sneaky! 

Anyways, I really loved putting this one together and it completely matched what I had in my head. Well chuffed!

Here’s the thing though, now that I’ve uploaded the picture I notice how the little escape pods coming out of the Shoal vessel look like macaroni?

Is that just me or do you guys see it too? Hmm, I’ve a one track mind…

More soon! Bear hugs!