So this has been a fun week! After having updated the website it was good to get back to putting together issue #15 of LatB and more so to be able to get to draw Shoal again! Now hey, (spoilers) they’re showing up pretty heavy in this issue but this is one of the first panels with the guys in their original uniforms that we saw then wear since issue #1 AND THAT’S SO AWESOME!!!

I love these guys so much! If there was ever a toy I always imagined the arms and legs to be that weird rubbery/plastic stuff that you could kind of pose but it would bounce back a wee bit. Main torso, arms and base of feet would be plastic though. The fingers too so you could hold weapons and stuff!

Looking again at this picture I should add that I want to add a good few more Shoal soldiers in the background but I’m holding off until I’ve added the word balloons so I know how much room I have left.

Yeah, this issue is being put together in such a weird manner! And with that, back to work!

More soon! Bear hugs!