I’ve got to say, my first attempt at a Mac & Cheese review back on Saturday went off to a bad start as the venue I was going to visit doesn’t exist anymore! Oops!

But with that, and remembering that I had a good Mac experience at the Wholefoods in Fulham Broadway  I headed off to their Kensington branch to try out their choices of Mac & Cheese!

I found two Macs on the go, your standard Mac plus Mac & Cheese with Cauliflower, Leek and Bacon. Which did I go for? Both!

Now watch out, I served this up myself and my presentation skills are BAD! But how much Mac do you get for you buck and how does it look? Let’s show our meal to the Judgement Bear!

So this came to £9, and was it worth it? Let’s discuss a bit more.

First, the regular Mac & Cheese. It was CHEESEY and felt proper homemade. Sadly though, it was homemade M&C that had been left out for what felt like a few hours. I had got there just before 2pm and I’ve got to say this serving was a bit sad. It had become really clumpy and lacked any smoothness or stretch in the cheese sauce. Bad times. The Mac itself was fine although no real noticeable bite to the pasta BUT at least it was actual elbow macaroni! Result! Always a win for me!

Moving along to the Cauliflower/Leek/Bacon Mac it had the same problems as the regular Mac in terms of sauce but also the sames wins with having elbow macaroni. (Okay, I know that’s all kind of to be expected but I figured it was worth mentioning! You never know, it could have been a different pasta!)

Here’s the thing now. Cheese + Bacon = WIN. Cheese + Cauliflower = WIN. Cheese + Leek = UH? That’s a new one to me and I really didn’t think much of it either. The dish needed a little kick to give it a bit of a zing and the veg really dulled down the flavour. Added, I’ve done cauliflower with Mac & Cheese at home before but it’s pretty dang beige. The Leek SHOULD have added some much needed colour but was totally lost in the dish.

Of the two dishes the regular Mac & Cheese definitely comes out the winner. The cheese flavour plus the elbow macaroni makes this a strong choice and if I’d been there earlier maybe I would be giving it a stronger review. As it stands though, at £9 for a forgettable Mac & Cheese experience I would give this 3 macaronis.

I hope you found this review useful! It was my first go and I really enjoyed doing it! There will be more reviews soon and feel free to get in touch with your recommendations (good or bad)! #TheMacDaddyG