So the last week or so I’ve been chipping away at completing page 20 of issue #15 of Lloyd and the Bear.

This has been a weird issue to put together as I usually break a book down starting with plot and then working out page blocks and just keep drilling down until I know the full structure of the book. Only at that point do I get on with the art but with having so much time updating the old books I have this one really planned out in my head. With that and really wanting to get on with actually doing some art I’ve been doing chunks of it at a time without knowing if I’m really going to be able to hit that final page with no excess story to cram in (or not enough).

But everything is looking to be on track! I admit there’s times I’ve shocked myself with thinking I didn’t have enough pages left but then realise I’ve mis-counted. Will I ever be working this way again on a book? Hopefully not! 

Anyways, here’s page 20 (without lettering or colouring)

Hope you like it! More soon!

Bear hugs!