So it looks like it’s not only Lloyd and the Bear that has gone through an update! With Urp! I decided to take him back from being on the excellent site Tapas and keep him in-house and allow for a bit more to happen on this page.

And what have I updated? Well, the background now has a rotating shade/lighting colour scheme going on (akin to Garfield if I’m remembering correctly) and I’ve also shrunk the size of the window.

Why with the window? I found the bigger size screen kept jutting out from whatever speech/thought bubble I had going on but I still really wanted something there. I’m a big fan of Star Trek The Next Generation and always loved scenes where they’d have characters talking away and you could see stars zooming away in the background. I thought that was awesome.

So yeah! Urp! is back! I love this guy paranoid miserable little guy! (What? He’s not me, who said that? Now I’m sad…)