So over the years I’ve put together a whole load of parody prints but it got to the point that I started running out of ideas (or at least not as many ideas)!

I began taking suggestions from people who contacted me or stopped by my table at conventions and got a whole load of great ideas! The thing is that with finite time and display space I couldn’t use them all and now I feel kind of bad for not using all of these puns.

My answer to this? Well, I’ve gone and listed ideas below that I haven’t, and most likely won’t be, using along with a few comments on each one;

American Bearwolf – I love this one but figured it might not be that well known. Am I wrong?
Zoidbearg/Furturama – Great idea for a great show but yeah, not my favourite character so…..
Furinstones – I love this one but just couldn’t get a good idea for it! Sorry!
Lex Lufur – Okay, I’m already re-thinking my decision on this and may yet use it!
Beareth of the Wild – I did a Hairule Warriors print before. Is this game not a bit dated now? Okay, admittedly I was given the idea a while back so maybe that’s my fault….
Furout – Another game idea and I LOVED Fallout but again feared it might be dated.
The Good, the bad and the cuddly – Awesome idea but would it gain a lot of interest?
Bear the Wild Things Are – Another great idea but I struggle with trying to bear up animals. People is one thing but yeah…
Furank Castle – Furenemy of the state – I did a Furank Castle one before but FotS is a great shout! Again, one I never used in time and figure I’m a bit late to the party now…
iZombear – Really awesome idea and I can totally see it but how strong is the fanbase?
Secret Paws – Secret Wars (the original and the latest) series were awesome. I would love to do this but don’t know if the fanbase is there plus I don’t like having too many characters on a print.
Space Invadebears – I tried coming up with a concept for this and use it as a t-shirt design but it just didn’t work. Sorry!
Conan – The Barbearian – Great use of a pun but still facing trademark infringement on ‘Conan’….
Bearekfast at Tiffanys – Really nice one but it’s another one that I feel lacks a fanbase.
Bearekfast Club – Now this has the fanbase for sure (or at least I think so) but I just don’t think I could get it to work!
Lock stock and 2 smoking bearells – Great idea but another dated one. Again, more my fault…
Furrest Gump – Brilliant idea but one that I don’t think would be very eye-catching.
Diamonds are Furever/Fur your eyes only/Octoteddy – Who knew James Bond movies were so punable? I just can’t come up with a good idea on any of them though….
Fight Cub – Great one but one I’d already used as the title to issue #4 of Lloyd and the Bear!
Grrroot – Much like bear-ing up animals I have the same problem with plant based aliens it seems!
Furiends – Excellent idea but I’d struggle getting them all on the page. Is anyone else amazed that this show is still being shown on telly?
Big Bang Furry – The show that’s bigger than Friends was? Well, I figure at least but yeah, I have the same spacing issue as with Furiends.
Clawverfield – Fantastic idea but I have NO IDEA what I would do for a print!
Pawcific Rim – I was totally going to do this and even had an idea of what the print would be but then Pacific Rim 2 came out….. Hmm…..

But yeah, so many great ideas! And hey, if you can think of something that hasn’t come up yet drop me an email or post on either Facebook and Twitter and I’ll see if I can come up with a parody print!

More soon! Bear hugs!